06 / 01 / 2017 :

The 1st call for project proposals of the ENI CBC Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus Programme was closed on the 20th of December 2016. Altogether 245 project proposals have been submitted to the Joint Technical Secretariat. 130 applications have been submitted under the Thematic Objective 1 ‘Promotion of Social Inclusion and Fight against Poverty’, 38 applications – under the Thematic Objective 2 ‘Support to Local and Regional Good Governance’ and 77 applications – under the Thematic Objective 3 ‘Promotion of Local Culture and Preservation of Historical Heritage’.

The most popular Priority among the applications is 1.1 ‘Promotion of Social Inclusion and Fight Against Poverty’ – 87 applications have been received (36 % of all applications). 77 applications (31 %) have been received under the Priority 3.1 ‘Promoting and Preserving Cultural and Historical Heritage and Traditional Skills’.


Requested EU funding in the applications submitted under the two most popular priorities constitutes 69,95 and 52,35 MEUR respectively. The total value of projects submitted under all five priorities amounts to 198,86 MEUR (EU funding: 171,09 MEUR).

The biggest number of applications (173) have been submitted by the Lead beneficiaries from Lithuania.


The biggest number of the received applications (151) have involved two or three beneficiaries in a project, 69 applications have been prepared by four or five beneficiaries. Only 25 applications have foreseen bigger partnerships (six to eight beneficiaries in a project).










TO 1: Promotion of social inclusion and fight against poverty:

     Priority 1.1: Enhancing the access to social and other services for vulnerable groups;

     Priority 1.2: Stimulating employment through entrepreneurship and innovations.

TO 2: Support to local and regional good governance:

     Priority 2.1: Increasing capacity of local and regional authorities to tackle common challenges;

     Priority 2.2: Strengthening society.

TO 3. Promotion of local culture and preservation of historical heritage:

     Priority 3.1: Promoting and preserving cultural and historical heritage and traditional skills.