BeLL to Start Business


1.2. Stimulating Employment through Entrepreneurship and Innovations

Lead Beneficiary

Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (Zemgale Region)


Public institution Panevezys Labour Market Training Center (Panevezys County)

Republic Institute of Advanced Training and Retraining of Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk Oblast)


Project Description

Latvia and Lithuania face the same territorial challenges in the Programme area, such as insufficient economic growth, high unemployment among people of pre-retirement age and inactive entrepreneurship environment. While having a lot in common, every country also has its own unique country-specific experience, ideas, know-how and achievements, which should be shared with each other in order to reach a synergistic effect and develop new effective solutions that could be used for the benefit of all states.

The overall objective of the project - to facilitate sustainable development of entrepreneurship in cross-border areas through a set of innovative entrepreneurship support solutions and tools. The partners will develop and conduct a series of Workshops, which are designed to stimulate interest of the target audience representatives in entrepreneurship, familiarize them with the best practices of starting and developing a business, and also to develop their entrepreneurial capacities through the provision of practical skills and theoretical knowledge, including mentoring and an innovative format based on Game-based learning.

Target groups of the project are people of pre-retirement age who consider opening their business including those who are unemployed at the moment.
It is expected that the project will lead to the creation of new businesses and workplaces in Programme area, thus reducing unemployment among people of pre-retirement age and facilitating economic growth of the cross-border region. It is estimated that new businesses will be established as a result of the project activities.

Project number Total budget Eu funding Implementation period
ENI-LLB-2-334 208010,74 187209,67 24 months (05.2020-05.2022)



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