Integrated management and system of measures to reduce negative impact of invasive alien species in protected areas of cross-border region


2.1. Increasing Capacity of Local and Regional Authorities to tackle Common Challenges

Lead Beneficiary

The State Scientific and Production Amalgamation "Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Biological Resources" (Minsk City)


State Environmental Institution "National Park "Braslavskije Ozjora" (Vitebsk Oblast)

Nature Conservation Agency (Latgale Region)

Daugavpils University (Latgale Region)

Latvian State Plant Protection Service (Riga City)

Aukstaitija National Park and Labanoras Regional Park Headquartes (Utena County)

Society “Nature Concerthall” (Latgale Region)


Project Description

Objective of the project: to create conditions between responsible institutions for solving common challenge of cross-border invasive alien species spread, in order to prevent their negative impact on public, economic and the valuable natural habitats.

The main cross-border problem – expansion of Invasive alien species (hereinafter – IAS) causing economic losses, damaging environment and human health. There is no common list of aggressive IAS for the Latvia-Lithuania region, a lack of information on the actual spread of these species and its future perspectives, measures to limit the spread are not properly implemented. Among IAS of plants in this area the greatest threat to human health, economy and nature is by Hogweed (Heracleum sp.).

The Partnership includes scientists – Daugavpils University (LV), nature managers - Nature Conservation Agency (LV), Directorate of Aukstaitija National Park and Labanoras Regional Park (LT), competent authority for IAS – Latvian State Plant Protection Service (LV), organizer of unique education and art events – Society “Nature Concerthall” (LV).

The main activities include: creating methodological basis for the integrated management of IAS in protected nature areas (through the creation of maps, databases and model of IAS spread, creation of monitoring network, distribution of analytical report and methodical recommendations), dissemination of knowledge about the IAS negative impacts and ways to combat them (through project seminar, concerts, documentary film and social movie, placing information on the websites of partners and local authorities), implementation of practical Hogweed containment activities.

Project number Total budget Eu funding Implementation period
ENI-LLB-1-077 560390,94 504351,84 24 months (02.2020-02.2022)