New forensic technologies for crime scene investigation and ensuring public security


2.1. Increasing Capacity of Local and Regional Authorities to tackle Common Challenges

Lead Beneficiary

Lithuanian Police Forensic Science Centre (Vilnius County)


Central Office of the State Forensic Examination Committee of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk city)


Project Description

Overall objective of the project - to increase safety and security in Lithuania. Specific objective - to increase efficiency of investigation in large areas.

The joint problem of border regions (Vilnius and Kaunas counties in Lithuania) is the low efficiency of investigation in large areas, i. e. investigation of serious and very serious crimes, illegal migration, trafficking in human beings, illegal transfer of weapons, explosives through the border, large scale railroad, freight transport disasters in the border section, natural disasters or catastrophe places. Lithuanian Police Forensic Science Centre fulfill the functions to ensure the safety of the public. During the project new technology of investigation will be introduced by purchasing modern equipment (3D scanners, drones and specializes vehicles), training of employees working with new equipment, organizing meetings for exchange of good practice.

The main expected result of the activities is increased efficiency of investigation in large areas measured by 8 times reduced time needed for detailed description and measurement of the area. In addition, labor costs of investigators and pilots of helicopters as well as operation costs of transportation and helicopters will be reduced, quality of investigation will be increased and economic costs of transport congestion or environmental costs in case of large scale accidents and disasters will be reduced.

Project number Total budget Eu funding Implementation period
ENI-LLB-2-265 850091,23 765082,10 45 months (02.2020-11.2023)