Reduction of social exclusion and increase in the quality of life of cancer patients


1.1. Enhancing the access to social and other services for vulnerable groups

Lead Beneficiary

Public institution Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos (Vilnius County)


Healthcare institution "Grodno University Clinic" (Grodno Region)


Project Description

Morbidity of the bladder, kidney, cervical, uterine body, upper urinary tract urothelial, ovary, prostate and colon cancer cases represent a major proportion of all cancer cases in Lithuania, is not an exception Vilnius region. Radical surgery treatment applied to the cancer patients is related with long postoperative treatment and higher risk of complications. All this leads to the worsening of the patient's quality of life both in the postoperative period and later, experienced social exclusion and long-term patient's disability related to the higher risk of poverty.

Seeking to improve the quality of life of cancer patients’ who are certainly identified as vulnerable group it is appropriate to increase the access to the minimally invasive surgery services. Application of these services leads to lower hospitalization duration, lower probability of postoperative complications, and faster return to the normal activities.

Project activities provide the complexity and uniqueness for the project: capacity building of the specialists working in fields of urology, gynecology, abdominal surgery and the representatives of respective NGOs and the acquisition of innovative equipment for the provision of minimally invasive surgery services. Professional skills of the specialists will be strengthened through the adoption of proven cancer diagnosis and treatment practices applied by the project partner, also while transferring the knowledge during the regular consultations. Exchange and adoption of the valuable experience of the representatives of NGOs will contribute to the strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation and communicational skills to provide valuable information for the cancer patients, to increase patients’ abilities actively participate in their treatment.

It is expected that project results will enable the positive changes in the sector in the border region.

Project number Total budget Eu funding Implementation period
ENI-LLB-1-029 1544229,3 1389806,37 33 months (03.2019-11.2021)